Are you looking for a fun way to engage customers?

A risk-free way of giving prizes?

Timed winners throughout the day?

Do you want to increase footfall for your event or exhibition?

Yes! Of course you do!


to the Perspex Safe

The perfect promotional game

The Perspex Safe is the latest gaming concept from Unique Ideas. With over 30 years’ experience in providing event attractions across the corporate, retail and leisure sectors, we can bring our expertise to your event.

The Perspex Safe is ideal for giving many low cost, visible prizes, encouraging footfall and customer engagement. We can help you to devise the perfect balance of prize value and number of winners, to suit your requirements, with 3, 4, 5, or 6 digit-codes. If you require some high value prizes, we can arrange insurance for these items.

If you want to keep your prizes a secret, take a look at our Safe Cracker.

The Perspex Safe is ideal for a range of events:

  • Store openings
  • Corporate events
  • Retail exhibitions
  • Leisure industry
  • Roadshows
  • Shopping centres
  • Data collection
  • New product launches
  • Tradeshows

Why choose a Perspex Safe from Unique Ideas?

  • LED lighting effects
  • Fully brandable polycarbonate panels
  • Draws crowds, increasing footfall and brand retention
  • Provides a memorable experience
  • Unique Ideas can provide full packages including PA/Promo/Hosting
  • Adaptable to tie in with any concept
  • Fantastic value, even for the smaller marketing budgets
  • Small footprint, so ideal for stands where space is a limitation

Interested in hiring the Perspex Safe?

To discuss how the Perspex Safe can work for you, contact Bob today on 01902 896777 or drop him an email to

Code Card

Our unique “code card” system allows you to keep control. You can fix a risk-free budget, with prizes to be won through the day, at times to suit you. You can decide how many winners, and can regulate these to coincide with high-volume peaks throughout the day, so that each winner brings a little extra sparkle to your event or exhibition. Call today to learn more 07889 033339

If you require a compere or simply a body to man the game we can provide these. With Unique Ideas, you don’t just hire a game, you hire our experience and our dedication.

I don’t really know where to start.  First of all, my thanks to Kevin, who was a true star, and without him I couldn’t have managed.
The whole concept of the safe worked a treat.  During the day we had a problem with lack of footfall to our stand, due to it’s location, and then when we started the reception and word got about that we had the perspex safe cracker, we did as many scans on people coming to the stand as we had for the whole 2 days.  The mix of prizes we had was good.  We had gold envelopes with the prize written on a card inside, so people had no idea what they would get – but they all seemed really excited.

Doing our largest exhibition yet, we were looking for an attraction that would draw in the masses of visitors passing by to our stand. The Perspex Safe was just the ticket! It looks great, is very adaptable to what you’d like to do, and grabbed the attention of so many exhibition attendees. Bob was extremely helpful throughout the process and with experience such as his, had many ideas and tips to make our event even better. Thoroughly impressed and would definitely use it again to improve our exhibition ROI

We hired the safe cracker and countdown from Bob for an event at Professional Beauty ExCel London. Both were so popular and got an amazing amount of interaction and crucial new leads. Its the first time we have ever done anything like this and Bob and his team were so helpful. Amazing service. Would 100% recommend. Thanks again Bob

Quite an amazing all round service really, I mean the safe was a big hit and loved but your teams execution / timing and attitude made everything alot easier! No hope involved, the safe will be at our future events for sure!

To book your Perspex Safe today call Unique Ideas on 01902 896777 or email