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The biggest, the best, the one and only Cyclone™ XXL.

The Cyclone™ XXL is incredible. It can hold 4 adults, and a whopping 8 children, you can hold a children’s party inside it! Using our ever popular game format, to gain the full Cyclone™ Experience, this game will get you noticed.

With our top of the range branding, with the option to increase the size of your Top Hat, your game will stand head and shoulders above the crowds. In a busy exhibition environment catching people’s attention is key, and the Cyclone™ XXL will deliver results. The size of the Cyclone™ XXL will give you maximum branding potential, giving you the chance to showcase your brand to great effect.

When you hire a game from Unique Ideas, you don’t just get a game, you get a first class team working with you, to ensure that you get the event that you want. We bring our wealth of knowledge to every challenge, we don’t do problems, we do solutions.

The Game Objective

Catch the balls! Beware of the negative colours, you don’t want those! Try and grab the bonus ball, for double points and kudos! But beware the clock is ticking, and are your fellow players friend or foe?

Technical Specification

  • Footprint 3 x 3 x 2.5 m, or 3 m high with giant Top Hat.
  • Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.
  • Cyclone™ XXL game 2 x 2 x 2.5m
  • Fan fits on side and covered with MDF box Branding.Top Hat,PC panels.
  • Power supply 1×13 amp, 3200 watts dedicated power supply or 16amp ce-form plug

The Cyclone™ XXL is the perfect game for busy retail events, shopping centres, large corporate exhibitions, big charity fundraisers, product launches, venue openings, brand relaunches, new product promotions. We can deliver your game to your event anywhere across the UK, EU and Worldwide.

Whatever you want your Cyclone™ game for we think you will love it, and more importantly so will your customers. While you can’t buy fun, laughter and goodwill, you can hire a Cyclone™, and that’s pretty much the same thing!

Interested in hiring the Cyclone XXL

To discuss how the Cyclone™ XXL can work for you, contact Bob today on 01902 896777 or drop him an email to

Thank You Bob and the team @ Unique Ideas for giving visitors to our stand a crazy and fun time with your cyclone machine – the game generated lots of laughter and, importantly, lots of sales for our client!

Book your Cyclone™ XXL today call Unique Ideas on 01902 896777 or email