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Cyclone™ Digital

They say we live in a digital age – don’t get left behind – book your Cyclone™ Digital today

The Cyclone™ Digital is the ultimate marketing game. With incredible branding opportunities, including the latest innovation in digital technology with our exclusively designed top hat, the Cyclone™ Digital will keep your brand head and shoulders above the rest.

The Cyclone™ Digital has been developed from the original Cyclone™, star of Dragon’s Den. The Cyclone™ Digital has an impressive array of design features to increase your brand awareness and engage your customers.

The Cyclone™ Digital is unique. The Cyclone™ design is trademarked across the UK, EU and the USA, and the digital additions have given it the extra edge. Because we understand that you want to stand out, we offer an exclusivity deal on all our Cyclone™ ball games. This means that won’t supply another Cyclone™ Cylinder ball game to the same event. Fortunately we have a range of other fantastic games, in case someone has beaten you to the post!

With Unique Ideas you don’t just hire a game for the day, you hire our team, our dedication and our determination to provide you with the best possible day. We offer staff to man the Cyclone™ for you, or we can train your operatives. No question or query is ever dismissed, and no idea is ever rejected!

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To discuss how the Cyclone™ Digital can work for you, contact Bob today on 01902 896777 or drop him an email to

The Game Objective

Quite simply to catch the coloured balls or paper and place them in the tube…the catch? They are flying around! And you only have 30 seconds to catch as many as you can, of a specific colour! But be warned, this game is addictive! Mix it up with multiple score tubes and bonus balls for extra points!

Technical Specification

  • Cylinder games 1.2/Diameter. Floor standing.(Stage available for 1.2D) 1/2players.(Please confirm player numbers when ordering.)
  • Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.
  • 2.5m H x 1.2m D
  • Digital TopHat with video graphics for maximum brand impact
  • LED scoreboard with colour selections to represent your brand
  • 3D printed ball counters
  • Mounted cameras for in-play action shots, ideal for social media sharing to increase brand awareness
  • Up to 10 panels available for branding with your logo for company exposure
  • Fan fits on side and covered with MDF box Branding.
  • Power supply 1×13 amp dedicated or 16amp ce-form plug

The Cyclone™ Digital is the perfect experiential marketing game for you. It can be used in a variety of settings including: corporate events, shopping centres, product launches, store openings, charity or fundraising fun days, team building experiences.. Be part of the digital gaming revolution.

Whatever you want your Cyclone™ Digital we think you won’t regret your decision. Join many other satisfied clients who have enjoyed increased engagement, better conversations and more interactions while using a Cyclone™. While you can’t buy fun, laughter and goodwill, you can hire a Cyclone™, and that’s pretty much the same thing!

You know that people need repeated exposure to your brand. But its not just the quantity that matters, but the quality. Make your messages stand out from the crowds. Cyclone™ Digital will showcase your brand, making it unforgettable for all the right reasons.

With Unique Ideas we will work with you, to promote your brand, the way you want. We can provide you with compere to draw more people in, or simply staff to run the Cyclone™ Digital, leaving you free to engage your customers.

Our teams are ready to help you, from our technicians in our workshops, to our designers, to logistics. Don’t just hire a game, hire a team.

Thank You Bob and the team @ Unique Ideas for giving visitors to our stand a crazy and fun time with your cyclone machine – the game generated lots of laughter and, importantly, lots of sales for our client!

“Unique Ideas provided us with a fantastically branded cyclone for a recent tour in Cardiff and London. The service was impeccable, and Bob, Carol and the team went above and beyond to help us both pre-event and on-site. Couldn’t recommend the team enough and look forward to working with them again!”

We love working with Unique Ideas. Not only are they super responsive and professional from inquiry to installation they go the extra mile making the whole process faultless and flawless.  I especially like the way the team are always coming up with innovative ideas that support our business message integrating with the ‘game’ and their use of social media is ace !

To book your Cyclone™ Digital today call Unique Ideas on 01902 896777 or email