6 of the Best!

You’ve seen the best, now see the rest! Or why our Cyclones are the best quality available in the marketplace. You must watch this before you book a cheap game.

What value do you place on your company image? Would you like to see how we can help you? Watch 6 of the best to see the Cyclone™ in action.

Still not convinced?

You can choose cheap or you can choose a Cyclone™…watch our video explaining the difference…

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Cyclone™ v Competitors

Do you want the cheapest, or the best? To see why we provide the best Cyclones on the market take a look at the video. Top spec and fully strength tested, it is easy to see why our Cyclones are the best quality available for hire.

Take a look below at a selection of our videos, or to visit our YouTube page to see an incredible range of different games in different locations!


Our incredible Cyclones went on an epic Fresher’s tour with Deliveroo! The leading take- away delivery service had to have a game that showcased speed! The Cyclone™ was the ideal experiential marketing game for Deliveroo (in association with BAMUK).

Deliveroo on Tour

See our Cyclones in action as they travel the country, attending fresher’s fairs. The Cyclone™ provided an incredible level of engagement and data collection. It was the ideal game for Deliveroo. (In association with BAMUK.)


Hungry hippos meets Pacman – who can resist? A sure fire hit for your exhibition stand, the four player game encourages friendly competition, and will be guaranteed to draw the crowds in. Ideal for team building events.

Cyclone™ Gold

The Gold version, classic and stylish. Perfect for 50th celebrations, corporate or private events, gold point schemes. Ideal for adding a touch of glamour to weddings or parties. See what the Cyclone™ Gold could do for you.

FA Cup Final Human Lottery

Looking for a prize draw with a difference? Why not use a Cyclone™ as a human lottery? Simply place someone inside the Cyclone™ chamber and let them catch the flying numbered balls! Perfect for encouraging crowd engagement and brand awareness.


See how an IT company used the Cyclone™ to provide a brilliant piece of interactive marketing. No matter what your industry, we can help provide an angle to use the Cyclone™ to encourage light-hearted interaction with your potential customers.