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Google are quite simply the biggest internet company, by revenue, in the world. They are one of the Big Four technology companies globally, alongside Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

Kenshoo is the global leader in marketing automation and digital marketing platforms. Their flagship festival K in the Park was described as “an authentic and human event experience that asked digital marketers to challenge the norm and think differently…”

So what did Kenshoo for Google choose as their game for K in the Park? Which game from which company, did they choose as the perfect game to embody all that is fantastic about marketing at its very best? They chose a Cyclone, from Unique Ideas.

Our Cyclone is the best in its class, designed, engineered and delivered by our team from the West Midlands, with our incredibly high level of customer service, you can see why we were chosen as the game that Google wanted their name on.

If it’s good enough for Google…

With our extensive range of Cyclones we can help you to find one that is the perfect fit for your brand. No matter whether your event is in a field (like K in the Park), a crowded exhibition venue, or in a small internal function, we can find a Cyclone for you.

With long term and short term hire available, with event support across the UK and the EU, we will consistently deliver an incredible game with an incredible service. Afterall Google could have gone to anyone…but they came to us. Come and see why!

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Bob and his team were an absolute delight to work with right from the start, professional, fun and totally on it! From an Event Management point of view on live day, they turned up on time, set up without any issues (which is a dream when working on large scale events) and were amazing with the guests making it a lot of fun for everyone. They have become one of my favourite suppliers and are at the top of the list for anything we may need in the future.

The cyclone cylinder was a great crowd pleaser. We had queues all day and the competition encouraged a lot of friendly banter! A great way to engaged attendees and would highly recommend bob and the team who were responsive and great to work with