Are you waiting for the snow?

Are you planning winter themed events?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Of course you are!


to the Snowball Challenge!

The Snowball Challenge is the perfect experiential marketing game for this Christmas. Designed and manufactured by Unique Ideas, the Snowball Challenge provides cutting-edge design to showcase your brand. Developed from our own original Cyclone™ Game, as seen on Dragon’s Den, the Snowball Challenge is winter ready!

The Snowball Challenge will bring entertainment and enthusiasm to any event or exhibition, perfect for both the corporate and the retail sectors, tying in perfectly to any Christmas, snow, or winter based themed. This game is the choice for this winter.

With full in-house branding available, we take the hassle out of your promotion, ensuring that the Snowball Challenge is fully and professionally branded to reflect your brand.

With Unique Ideas you don’t simply hire a game for the day, we work with you to create the perfect day. We have an impressive support team, so that we can provide all the back-up that you need. We bring our enthusiasm and dedication to every event that we attend and while we can’t guarantee you snow at Christmas, we can bring you a Snowball Challenge which is the next best thing!

The Game Objective

Quite simply to catch the coloured balls or paper and place them in the tube…the catch? They are flying around! And you only have 30 seconds to catch as many as you can, of a specific colour, all the time avoiding the Snowballs! But be warned, this game is addictive!

Technical Specification

  • Cylinder games 1.2/Diameter. Floor standing.(Stage available for 1.2D) 1/2players.(Please confirm player numbers when ordering.)
  • Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.
  • 1.2. 2mH x1.2 D
  • Fan fits on side and covered with MDF box Branding.Top Hat,PC panels.
  • Power supply 1×13 amp dedicated or 16amp ce-form plug

The Snowball Challenge is the perfect experiential marketing game for you. It can be used in a variety of settings including: winter celebrations, snow themed events, Christmas exhibitions including shopping centres, corporate, charity or fundraising fun days, team building experiences, weddings, parties, or simply to entertain a few friends! If you just want a classic Cyclone™ 1.2 click here

Whatever you want your Snowball Challenge game for we think you will love it, and more importantly so will your customers. While you can’t buy fun, laughter and goodwill, you can hire a Snowball Challenge, and that’s pretty much the same thing!


To discuss how the Cyclone™ Cylinder can work for you, contact Bob today on 01902 896777 or drop him an email to

With Unique Ideas the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to ensure that the Snowball Challenge works for you whatever your end objective. To this end, we can brand the Snowball Challenge for your corporate event, or exhibition stand.

Whether you are looking for an event stand idea, or an exhibition attraction, we will work with you to make sure that the Snowball Challenge delivers you the results you want.

If you require a compere or simply a body to man the game we can provide these. With Unique Ideas, you don’t just hire a game, you hire our experience and our dedication.

The Snowball Challenge certainly created a buzz for the brand- people were queuing to take part! Big thanks to Bob and team for the smooth planning and set-up at the event, and for being great hosts of the game. It’s a brilliant, unique and really entertaining game.

Look forward to working together in the future on some fun events. Thanks!

Just wanted to say a big thank you all at Unique Ideas. The Snowball challenge went down really well and gave everyone a good laugh but also installed a little competitive edge to their efforts. Your two staff on the night were great and nothing was a problem for them despite having to get the kit in another route.


The party was such a success and everyone loved having a go in the snowball challenge. Your guys we’re lovely and went to great lengths to get the game in the right place for us.

To book your Snowball Challenge Game today call Unique Ideas on 01902 896777 or email