Fresher’s Week is always a time to encourage people to get involved, so any way to increase engagement and provide more opportunities for interaction is a good thing. A Cyclone does just that! As the University of Hull found out!

The Cyclone was so popular it even made into onto the BBC news! Click here to view the news clip.

The University of Hull made full use of our excellent design team to extensively brand their Cyclone, making it a stand out attraction.

The Cyclone game attracted lots of students and provided great fun and entertainment for all the students during Fresher’s Week. The Cyclone is adaptable to a whole host of different locations and events, so whatever you want your Cyclone for we will be able to help you achieve it!

You can use the Cyclone, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

‘Bob and his team have been fantastic from finding out more information to delivery and pick up. The Cyclone 1.2 is an amazing product which we used during fresher’s and as you can imagine went down an absolute storm!’

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