When Talent Works wanted to stand out they came to us. They wanted a fun and interactive game for their stand at an exhibition, one that would attract the people they were looking for.

They choose a Perspex Safe with a great range of prizes on offer throughout the day. The Perspex Safe is an ideal game for a busy exhibition as it is silent and only has a small footprint. The Perspex Safe generates ongoing interest and an easy conversation opener and everybody loves the chance to win a prize!

You can set your Perspex Safe for as many winners as you want, either providing a steady flow throughout the day, or you can go big guns and offer a huge prize.

Whatever event or exhibition you want your game for, we will provide first class professional branding to help you get your message across. Whatever you want to say, we will help you to say it!

You can use the Perspex Safe, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Bob and his team took care of absolutely everything from start to finish, and I never needed to chase for an update – even when I’d given the team a really tight deadline. The stand was set up for me before I even arrived by the amazing Neil and James. Neil certainly knows how to work the crowd and really helped make the stand a success. I’m very grateful to everyone I had the pleasure to connect with at Unique Ideas (shout out to Carol who kept me up to date throughout the process!). I look forward to working with Unique Ideas at our next event.

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