S4C is the fourth oldest television channel in the United Kingdom, and is host to some brilliant programs. One such program is Pigo Dy Drwyn, (which literally translates to “Pick Your Nose”) this is a fun, entertaining kids gameshow reminiscent of Gladiators with a touch of Crystal Maze.

So when S4C wanted a new game for their gameshow, who better to come to than Unique Ideas? Unique Ideas have an array of outstanding interactive games that are an ideal fit for a gameshow environment. S4C chose our flagship game the Cyclone, and looking at the expression on the kids’ faces, they chose well!

The Cyclone is visually exciting so worked very well in a television format. It has the same allure in a corporate or retail environment where it draws crowds, and attracts kids – big and small!

The Cyclone can be fully branded in your company colours, with your logo increasing brand exposure at busy events or exhibitions. Make it yours with the support of our professional design team.

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