To stand out at the Gartner IT Symposium requires a good game. Qlik made doubly sure they would get noticed by hiring not one great game, but two! Qlik came to Unique Ideas despite the Symposium being held in Spain, because they knew they were in good hands, relying on our first class logistics to ensure that their two games were delivered to Barcelona, on time and on budget.

Qlik took advantage of our professional design team to ensure that their games were fully branded so that their name would not go unnoticed. The branding was carefully incorporated into the games, so that the marketing was delivering in a seamless message across the stand.

Unique Ideas are renowned for their logistics ensuring that games are delivered economically across the EU on a regular basis for a variety of overseas events.

Whatever style of game you require, and wherever you want it to be, our teams can help you.

You can use the Cyclone, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Bob and his team at Unique ideas were a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes be a busy time in the run up to a large event. Not only were they able to deliver two exciting brand activation games, but they did so with a smile and with a very short lead time. The team were a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with you again!

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