PIB Group are a leading insurance group, who have achieved rapid growth in their sector, through providing a first class, quality service. They have managed this through bringing together outstanding individuals who offer an exceptional service. If you provide a first class service, you tend to expect a similar level of dedication and professionalism from those companies that you deal with. That is why PIB Group came to us.

We always provide a first class service to all our clients. Whether they are organising a worldwide roadshow, or a simple internal event, we approach all our projects with the same enthusiasm and expertise that we are renown for. Our seamless logistics and professional design time, ensure that if you use us for your event, you won’t be disappointed.

PIB Group chose a desktop Stop the Clock, which is an excellent choice for environments were space is at a premium or where noise could be an issue. The Stop the Clock (also know as the One Stop) comes in a variety of sizes, so it is easy to find the ideal fit for your event, whether you want the space-saving desktop version or to go all out with the epic two-screen version (perfect for encouraging friendly competition!)

Our range of games are perfect for increasing engagement, encouraging interaction and getting noticed in busy environments. Our branding means that you can make sure your message remains in people’s minds long after the event.

You can use the Stop the Clock, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

The game went down really well and we will definitely want to use again next year, maybe with the colour part too to add a different element to it.

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