The Royal Stoke Hospital wanted an attention grabbing attraction for this year’s “Yes I donate” campaign. The “Yes I donate” campaign encourages people to talk about organ donation and ultimately saves lives. If you would like to learn more about organ donation and how you can register please click here.

Because Unique Ideas are 100% behind organ donation, MD Bob Davies even signed up to become a organ donor, to the delight of the team in charge of organising the “Yes I donate” campaign.

The Cyclone 1.2 was fully branded in the distinctive campaign colours, even extending to matching the ball colours to the campaign. The Cyclone game encouraged many people to engage with the organ donation team, and to register as organ donors, hopefully saving lives in the future.

Wonder what a Cyclone can do for your business? Contact Bob today to find out!

We first made contact with the team at Unique Ideas last year and since the first conversation with Bob we have been wowed by their professionalism, levels of communication and  commitment to customer satisfaction. We were encouraged to be involved in everything from planning to the finished article and truly felt that we had exactly what we wanted.
We had a huge event planned to promote Organ Donation Week 2018 across 2 NHS trusts and boy, the Cyclone did not disappoint – it was simply AMAZING!!! It was decked out in our branding – which was done beautifully – and even the balls coordinated!
Bob and Rob (Bobby Jnr to us!!) were better than we could have hoped for, so slick , so professional and so lovely too – they both embraced our cause and helped us promote Organ Donation in a fun, memorable and exciting way…we even got them both to sign up to the Organ Donor Register!
We cannot praise the whole team at Unique Ideas enough and would like to say thank you to Carol for answering my endless emails, Josh for his artwork and Bob/Bobby jnr without whom our event would just not have been the same.

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