Organ donation is a tricky subject to bring up with your friends and family, but having a fun game on site to ice-break can help people to loosen up and discuss it. If you don’t discuss organ donation with your family they won’t know what your wishes are.

The fantastic team at the Royal Stoke and Burton used a Cyclone, Colour Code Challenge and a Stop the Clock from us to help publicise Organ Donation Week. They had great success with lots of people signing up to become organ donors and encouraging people to have conversations with their friends and family.

Our games helped the team to engage people in a lighted-hearted manner. They took advantage of our fantastic branding team and had a fully branded game with the distinctive pink of their logo being used in the pink balls in the Cyclone game.

Whatever you want to achieve, whether you are trying to sell a product or a message we can help. We have an extensive range of games which are suitable for different locations and scenarios and we will always work with you to ensure that our game is the right fit for you.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Both Zara and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you, Carol, Bobby Jnr, Kev and Neil for the amazing work you all did to support us Royal Stoke and Burton during Organ Donation Week 2019.

We love working with you all and without the dedication of your team our events just wouldn’t have been the same – we know we can rely on you to pull it out of the bag and boy did you managed to surpass yourself this year with not only the ‘Cyclone’ and ‘Stop the Clock’ but also the unveiling of the brand new game…we were just a little excited by that!!

We can’t wait to start planning for next year’s Organ Donation Week and are very giddy at the thought of what you will conjure up for us…and we know we won’t be disappointed J

Once again a massive THANK YOU to the whole Unique Ideas team for the never ending support, professionalism, enthusiasm and amazing ideas x

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