Globally renowned banking group HSBC wanted a fun and engaging game for a recent event. They came to us. We worked with them to choose the perfect game for their environment and their ambitions for the day.

They chose a 2-screen Colour Code Challenge as an ideal game for their venue. The Colour Code Challenge is ideal in busy areas where sound would be a concern. The Colour Code Challenge is a silent and engaging game that doesn’t require a large space in order to provide a great game!

With our professional branding team, HSBC were able to have their game designed and branded so that it blended flawlessly into their stand and with their existing branding artwork. Having a consistent message across marketing platforms is very important and at Unique Ideas we always work with your in-house design team to ensure that the design is just as you want it.

Whatever you want your game for, we will help you to find the perfect game for your event.

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