Fujitsu’s World Tour 2018 was a celebration of digital advances in the past year, as well as an opportunity to look forward towards digital co-creation. With a range of speakers and activities, Fujitsu needed an engaging game to encourage customers to visit the stand, and optimise the opportunities for interaction.

Unique Ideas provided Fujitsu with the perfect game for their World Tour, the Perspex Safe. The Perspex Safe allows players to see the prizes on offer inside the safe, and with a pre-set number of winners on the day, can provide an ongoing attraction to last throughout your event.

The Perspex Safe was fully branded with Fujitsu’s instantly recognisable logo, ensuring maximum brand awareness. Unique Ideas worked with Fujitsu to ensure that the game was an excellent addition to their World Tour.

To discuss how the Perspex Safe could work for your brand, contact Bob today.

The event went really well and the vault acted as a great draw to our stand, with all 5 prizes being claimed. Neil was a great help, very approachable and friendly and great with our customers!

The vault blended in nicely with our overall stand design and overall, was a good addition to our stand.

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