Fourmasters is an award winning design and manufacturing company based in the West Midlands. They are renowned for their ability to transform ideas into reality. Fourmasters work across a range of industries from the aerospace industry to building houses for earthquake zones.

Recently Fourmasters celebrated their 30th anniversary. They wanted to provide games to entertain and engage their guests for the afternoon.

Unique Ideas provided a Cyclone Maze and a two player One Stop. The Cyclone Maze is always a great choice for entertainment value, and the One Stop was set to 30, to reflect the celebration of 30 years in business.

Whatever you are celebrating or promoting, we can find a game to suit you. All our games can be fully branded to increase your brand awareness.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

“Thank you again for helping us celebrate our 30th year.  You and your team were wonderful and I would definitely recommend your company to others.”

General Manager

“What can I say !!!!  Celebrating our 30th year in business was a triumph with the help of Bob and his team.

We had the Cyclone and Double one stop game to have some fun, engage customers & staff. It worked a treat.

Bob’s enthusiasm and passion for his products shone through & good fun was had by all.

If you are looking to brighten up an event well worth considering.”

Managing Director

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