Buddha Bros came to us when they wanted a great interactive and engaging game to use at their fair. We gave them advice and support to help them make the best choice for them and their target market.

They went for the four player Colour Code Challenge game cube, with surrounding stools to encourage group participation in an inclusive environment. Everyone had a brilliant time playing the game and it provided an excellent focal point for the fair.

With our professional branding team making the artwork look spot on, Buddha Bros were delighted with the game and what it bought to the day.

You can use the Colour Code Challenge or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

We used the colour code challenge at our event over christmas, promoting ethical & sustainable food & life choices.

We opted for the 4 screen version, giving people the chance to go head to head & it went down a storm! The product not only looked great, but our attendees loved playing it with friends and family alike.

Having spoke with the UI Team about new developments in the pipeline, I will be using this fantastic service again for any future events we do.

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