The award winning creative agency Bearded Kitten were tasked with promoting a coconut water based fizzy drink from the coconut drinks company – Vita Coco.

They needed a game with bubbles and bounce, to make sure that everyone remembers Vita Coco!

Bearded Kitten are a highly respected agency and aim to work with companies that combine flair and creativity, with a meticulous attention to detail and experience. We did not disappoint!

With all our projects no matter what sector or area we are working in, we bring our creative insight, combined with our first rate logistics team to deliver games that delight and enthrall.

Vita Coco used our fantastic design team to ensure that their Cyclone was extensively branded to tie in with their brand message and to create maximum visibility.

Bearded Kitten for Vita Coco chose a Cyclone 1.2, what will you choose? Take a look at our impressive range today!

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It was fabulous working with you.
You always had time to answer questions in detail and give advice.
You were willing to accommodate all requests and spend times talking
over and considering all options in order to find the best solution
which was much appreciated.
The cyclones worked perfectly and were so much fun.
They looked great and had a super professional finish.

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