Touchwood shopping centre Solihull celebrated their 15th anniversary and the Crystal Code cracker was the star of the event with 15 winners every day.

Doing our largest exhibition yet, we were looking for an attraction that would draw in the masses of visitors passing by to our stand. The Perspex Safe was just the ticket! It looks great, is very adaptable to what you’d like to do, and grabbed the attention of so many exhibition attendees. Bob was extremely helpful throughout the process and with experience such as his, had many ideas and tips to make our event even better. Thoroughly impressed and would definitely use it again to improve our exhibition ROI


The latest gaming concept that allows you to see what’s in the safe to attract attention. Ideal for exhibition stands/Retail promotions and product launch that you can place the prize within.
The lock can be set with 3, 4, 5, or 6 digit codes to make it easy to open with a few clues or the big one to win a major prize.

The high value prizes can be insured to cover the cost and we can supply a complete package for your promotional requirements.

LED lighting effects, polycarbonate panels that can be branded makes this attraction ideal to create instant attention.

An ideal promotional concept to fit in with any companies marketing budget and available any where in the UK/EU.

“The safe has been a fantastic draw! We had people queuing for most of the day, and up to 10 in a queue.”