Do you want an engaging, interactive game?

Do you want to increase customers and drive sales?

Do you want your brand to remain in people’s minds long after the event has finished?

Do you want to reward your employees with a first rate fun, interactive game for their team building?

Yes! Of course you do!


to the Cyclone™ Maze

The Cyclone™ Maze answers all your questions. This classic retro-based game has been revamped for the digital age. With its quick-fire fast game time and its competitive edge it will challenge you to the very limits of your ability. The Cyclone™ is ideal for both the event and corporate environment it is perfect for all ages and ability. But be warned…it is very addictive and very frustrating!

Interested in hiring the Cyclone™ Maze?

To discuss how the Cyclone™ Maze can work for you, contact Bob today on 07889 033339 or drop him an email to

What can I say, it was brilliant, our clients were loving it as were our staff.  The whole process from start to finish has been amazing, it has been a great pleasure to work with you and your team. Kevin and his son were a great pleasure on site a made us feel completely at ease!

Cyclone game was a huge success. Everyone loved it.
Really happy with it and the day as a whole.

The Game Objective

You have 30 seconds inside the cyclone™ maze. In your allotted time you must catch and place in the tube 4 red balls, 4 green balls, 4 blue balls and 4 white balls. No more or no less, and in that exact order. But beware, for the cyclone™ will try and throw balls into the tube as well! If you manage to achieve this, you can then attempt to grab the elusive golden ball. When that golden ball is placed in the tube – your points are doubled!

“The Cyclone Maze will be the go-to game for 2018.” Lizzie Hopkinson, Marketing Consultant.

With Unique Ideas the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to ensure that the cyclone™ maze works for you. To this end, we can brand the cyclone™ maze with your logo, so that you can increase the visual impact of the game on your customers.

Whether you need a game for an event, or an internal team building day we will work with you to make sure that the cyclone™ maze delivers you the results you want.

If you require a compere or simply a body to man the game we can provide these. With Unique Ideas, you don’t just hire a game, you hire our experience and our dedication.

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