Do you want to engage your customers?

Do you want to increase brand awareness?

Do you want to attract customers to your event?

Do you want to have something different, something eye-catching, something unique?

Yes! Of course you do!


to the Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2

The Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2 Ball Game is designed, manufactured and available from UniqueIdeas, home of the very best ideas in experiential marketing.

From its moment of inception, through to its star-studded appearance on Dragon’s Den, the Cyclone™ Cylinder Ball Game 1.2 has continually impressed and enthralled.

With its fun format making it a memorable game for your event, it will draw customers to your stand, or business. It is easy to see why the Cyclone™ Cylinder Ball Game 1.2 has proved so popular with event managers all across the UK and beyond. Dubbed “the game you can’t play at home” the Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2 is a sure fire hit right across the ages!

We brand each Cyclone™ Cylinder Ball Game with your logos, so that it will be your company name that people remember long after the event has finished. And because we understand what you want, we offer exclusivity rights to each event, meaning that we won’t hire out another Cyclone™ Cylinder Ball Game to your rivals on the day.

We hold an extensive range of games in stock, and can arrange hire across the UK and the EU. Whether you need a game for a few hours, or for a 6 month roadshow, we can help put together a package tailored for you. Whatever industry you are on from the leisure industry to the financial sector. Depending on your requirements we offer full support including promotion staff/MC/PA/stage and lighting.

With Unique Ideas you don’t just hire a game, you hire our team, our dedication and our determination to provide you with the best possible experience. No question or query is ever dismissed, and no idea is ever rejected!

The Game Objective

Quite simply to catch the coloured balls or paper and place them in the tube…the catch? They are flying around! And you only have 30 seconds to catch as many as you can, of a specific colour! Avoid the negative colours, but see if you can grab the bonus ball to double your score. But be warned, this game is addictive!

Branding Opportunities

  • Top hat
  • Door both inside and outside
  • Top Gear style leader board with rules & laminate dry wipe.
  • Bottom kick board with social media tag.
  • Fan box cover.
  • 8 colours to match company branding on LED timer display.
  • Balls colours: Red/Green/Blue/Gold/Black/Yellow/Orange/White/Purple.
  • For more branding opportunities take a look at Cyclone™ Digital

Technical Specification

  • Cylinder games 1.2/Diameter. Floor standing.(Stage available for 1.2D) 1/2players.(Please confirm player numbers when ordering.)
  • For a 3 player game, please see the Cyclone™ 1.5
  • Foam balls or Paper/vouchers.
  • 1.2. 2mH x1.2 D
  • Full structural calculations, including H&S certificate on frame strength – no twist and click framework.
  • Power supply 1×13 amp dedicated or 16amp ce-form plug

The Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2 Ball Game is the perfect experiential marketing game for you. It can be used in a variety of settings including: events, leisure, shopping centres, charity or fundraising fun days, team building experiences, weddings, parties, or simply to entertain a few friends!

Whatever you want your Cyclone™ game for we think you will love it, and more importantly so will your customers. While you can’t buy fun, laughter and goodwill, you can hire a Cyclone™, and that’s pretty much the same thing!

Interested in hiring the Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2?

To discuss how the Cyclone™ Cylinder can work for you, contact Bob today on 01902 896777 or drop him an email to

With Unique Ideas the possibilities are endless. We will work with you to ensure that the cyclone™ 1.2 works for you. To this end, we can brand the cyclone™ 1.2 with your logo, so that you can increase the visual impact of the game on your customers.

Whether you need a game for an event, (both in the leisure industry and other industries) or an internal team building day we will work with you to make sure that the cyclone™ 1.2 delivers you the results you want.

If you require a compere or simply a body to man the game we can provide these. With Unique Ideas, you don’t just hire a game, you hire our experience and our dedication.


Hiring the cyclone game was the best decision Coople could have taken for Confex and Hotelympia 2018!
These events are very expensive to have a stand on and investing in the cyclone made it worthwhile.
Coople stand had a queue the whole time and even the organisers and cameras kept coming back to take pictures and film it.
It really helped Coople to increase brand awareness in front of the right audience and get many more leads that we would have done.
While one person was in charge of the game, two other team members could focus on speaking to the audience making sure they were aware of Coople’ services.
Bob and his team were a joy to work with, answering any questions in regards to electricity needed from the suppliers, space issues, etc.
The delivery and set-up were seamless and the whole team really cares about you having a great event!
I would definitely recommend this game with Unique Ideas.

We first made contact with the team at Unique Ideas last year and since the first conversation with Bob we have been wowed by their professionalism, levels of communication and  commitment to customer satisfaction. We were encouraged to be involved in everything from planning to the finished article and truly felt that we had exactly what we wanted.
We had a huge event planned to promote Organ Donation Week 2018 across 2 NHS trusts and boy, the Cyclone did not disappoint – it was simply AMAZING!!! It was decked out in our branding – which was done beautifully – and even the balls coordinated!
Bob and Rob (Bobby Jnr to us!!) were better than we could have hoped for, so slick , so professional and so lovely too – they both embraced our cause and helped us promote Organ Donation in a fun, memorable and exciting way…we even got them both to sign up to the Organ Donor Register!
We cannot praise the whole team at Unique Ideas enough and would like to say thank you to Carol for answering my endless emails, Josh for his artwork and Bob/Bobby jnr without whom our event would just not have been the same.

We could not have been happier with the game and service we received from Unique Events for our biggest UK tradeshow of the year. The quality of the game, the staff and customer service was flawless. I would highly recommend and we will use again!

Kim McCarthy
Marketing Manager EMEA North and Emerging Markets.

To book your Cyclone™ Cylinder 1.2 today call Unique Ideas on 01902 896777 or email