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Crystal Maze Game

We all remember the iconic TV game show the Crystal Maze where the winning team ended up in the dome to collect winning flying foils.

The good news is the dome has been replaced with a cylinder big enough for 1, 2 or even 3 players and in these days of health and safety compliance, foam coloured balls or printed low density paper have replaced the foils.

Welcome to the range of Cyclone Cylinder’s:
– 1.2 diameter
– 1.5 diameter
– And our small version cyclone4kids to keep everyone happy.


IMG_1151All the Cyclone games can be branded for corporate clients or companies promoting their new products or brands.

Recent clients include: Google, Adidas, Shell, Mondelez, CISCO, Dell, Dyson and many more plus the top advertisng/brand agencies in the UK.

Not only do we offer bespoke manufacturing to client design but hire across the EU and most recently sales to Australia, Kazakstan and ROI.

Ideal if you or your client are looking for something refreshingly different with a retro feel and competitive challenge, plus we own all the IPR, please get in touch for details.




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