Match the colours!

Crack the code!

Win the prize!

The game of skill that you have been waiting for…

…exclusively available at Unique Ideas

Colour Code Challenge!

Our brand new, exclusive skilled reaction game! This game can go anywhere! Compact, portable, silent and fun!

The Colour Code Challenge combines fun, skill and dexterity to bring you the perfect game for any venue at any time. Whether you are dealing with high value corporate clients, or running a large footfall data gathering event, the Colour Code Challenge will hep you to achieve your goal.

The game has multi layered usability, so can be set for a variety of play combinations dependent upon the event and location. 1,2 or 4 player versions with branded plinth, or infinity panel, perfect for a busy exhibition venue. Or the desktop version for a compact stand or sales office environment. Whatever you want we can design the Colour Code Challenge for you.

When you come to Unique Ideas, you don’t just hire a game, you hire a team. We bring our collective knowledge of what works to every conversation, so that from your initial enquiry to packing up after your successful event we will be with you every step of the way.

When you hire a Colour Code Challenge you know you are getting an exclusive game, designed by Unique Ideas, made in our US workshops, this is the game to get you noticed!

If you want an ice breaker, a data gatherer, an easy way to strike up conversation, a stand attraction, entertainment or engagement, you have found it!

The Game Objective (in 4 easy steps!)

1: Set the timer to suit (usually 30 seconds)

2: The timer will start to count down, changing colours as it does so

3: The aim is to press the button when the colour on the timer matches the colour on the tile

4: Keep going!

The winner is the person who uncovers all the tiles in the quickest time. What you do with the 4-digit code generated is up to you!

Play variations:

  • Use the random code generated to try and open the safe, or closest to the mystery number wins the prize! What will you do with yours? (we have heaps of ideas! Call us today on 01902 896 777)
  • Can link directly to the Perspex Safe, crack the colour code to open the safe.
  • Desktop version for fun in-house game play.

Technical Specification

  • Stand out game for instant attention
  • Silent in operation apart from the crowds shouting in joy or frustration
  • Random number generated
  • Branding on all panels, for immediate brand recognition
  • Infinity panel available for ultimate stand out attraction
  • Fun and addictive reaction game perfect for all ages
  • Low power supply required, only 3 amps
  • Variety of game play options from desktop to 4-player

It’s your game, play it your way! Perfect for a range of settings including: events, shopping centres, charity or fundraising fun days, team building experiences, exhibitions, in-house events, corporate events, retail opening celebrations, or just for fun!

Hire your Colour Code Challenge today and get playing!

Interested in hiring the Colour Code Challenge?

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With Unique Ideas the possibilities are endless! We can help you to choose the perfect game set-up for you and your needs, so get in touch today!

The best game I’ve seen this year!

“Innovise contacted Bob & Carol for a recent event we were organising and we were extremely pleased with the service received and the quality of the game, Colour Code Challenge.

Would highly recommend Unique Ideas if you are planning an event/exhibition and looking for something special and out of the ordinary”

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