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UPDATED: Ford have just contacted us to let us know that they took their Ford Cyclone to Northern Ireland for the Causeway Coast Ford Fair! And it had a great time! As did everyone involved!


When Ford, the multinational car company, wanted an unique idea to promote their brand, who did they come to? Unique Ideas of course!

Ford choose to have a bespoke Cyclone made for their exclusive use throughout car showrooms and promotions across the United Kingdom. They had their Cyclone fully branded as a Ford Cyclone taking advantage of our fantastic in-house design team, who made sure that the Ford name stood out.

Unique Ideas worked with Ford to provide fantastic support services, making sure that Ford were thrilled with their very own Ford Cyclone.

You can use the Cyclone, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

“It was a pleasure working with Bob and his team. They were able to fulfil a quick turnaround so the Cyclone game would be ready for an up and coming event. In addition to this they happily accommodated any extra requests and add on’s we required to really tailor it to our needs.
We were really impressed with the quality of the product and can’t wait to offer the activation to our customers for their events.”

The team have just arrived back from the dealership and they have said the cyclone was brilliant. They said it was very popular throughout the night and the dealership absolutely loved it! Thanks again Bob, we have a happy customer and the team are also happy with the simplicity and the quality of the product.


The National Lottery wanted a branded game that would stand out at a major event, and reflect the game playing ethos of their brand. They choose the Cyclone Challenge, a four player game that allows people to go head to head. The aim is to catch the most balls possible in the allotted time, whilst not catching the negative balls, and trying to get the bonus gold ball.

The National Lottery took advantage of the incredible branding opportunities of the Cyclone Challenge, including waist high panels, and header panels, as well as choosing balls in their own distinctive colours.

You can use the Cyclone Challenge, or another game from Unique Ideas, to promote your brand.

To discuss what we can do for you, contact Bob today.

Cyclone Game Cube RTE 1 The Late Late Show 1

Cyclone game made its debut on Irish TV RTE on the Late Late show. The manufacturer Unique Ideas UK Ltd has appointed an agent in ROI to provide the hire and other event services to include, Exhibitions/corporate and retail promotions.