It’s that time again! Let the new registrations begin!

You need to stand out

We have created two great social distancing games to help you safely and responsibly engage your customers

Fresh from the design studio that bought you the Cyclone ,here are two new games for a new era…

…Clear the Course and Stop at 70

It is that time of year again. The eagerly awaited 70 car registration plate is getting ready to launch. But how are you attracting customers? 

We have created two socially distancing games so that you can have fun and stay safe, while still engaging with your customers. Are you worried about making them queue to safely enter your showroom? Give them something worth staying in a queue for – two fantastic games! Why not make queuing fun with VIP priority chrome posts and rope?

Both games allow players to be competitive and win a range of great prizes while still complying with the Government guidelines on social distancing. Engaging customers is vital to help you convert those potential sales into key jangling happy customers.

With full professional branding available on both games, your brand will be sure to stand out over your rivals.

Two games equals double the fun and double the engagement!

First up we have Clear the Course…

A fast and furious game as you race against your opponent to clear the flags to reveal the hidden code. What will you win?

Next up we have Stop on 70…

A game of quick reactions and determination. Are your reactions good enough to stop the counting down clock on 70? Only time will tell…

Clear the Course:

The Game Objective (in 4 easy steps!)

1: Set the timer to suit (usually 30 seconds)

2: The timer will start to count down, changing colours as it does so

3: The aim is to press the button when the colour on the timer matches the colour on the tile

4: Keep going!

The winner is the person who uncovers all the tiles in the quickest time.

Technical Specification

  • 2 player game which allows for social distancing
  • Stand out game for instant attention
  • Silent in operation apart from people shouting in joy or frustration
  • Random or chosen number generated
  • Can have code generated for winners throughout the day, with small time variations to prevent game fixing
  • Branding on all panels, for immediate brand recognition
  • Infinity panel available for ultimate stand out attraction
  • Fun and addictive reaction game perfect for all ages
  • Low power supply required, only 3 amps
  • Variety of game play options from desktop to 4-player

Stop on 70

The aim of the game:

As the LED numbers flick downwards, you must hit the “stop” button, as near as possible to the preset chosen number. Ultimately frustrating and addictive, you won’t be able to resist another go!

Why choose Stop on 70 from Unique Ideas?

  • two player game with social distancing in place
  • LED lighting effects
  • Fully brandable panels
  • Engages customers, increasing footfall and brand retention
  • Provides a memorable experience
  • Unique Ideas can provide full packages including PA/Promo/Hosting
  • Prizes available through the day to maintain entertainment levels
  • Adaptable to tie in with any concept
  • Fantastic value, even for the smaller marketing budgets
  • Small footprint and quiet so ideal for venues where space or noise may be a limitation

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The best game I’ve seen this year!

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