Without Prejudice: Unique Ideas UK Ltd are a design and manufacturer of Interactive gaming challenges for clients to use to promote their products and services.

We work under instruction from their Marketing/Advertising agencies on events in the UK/EU and ship worldwide.

We appeared on Dragons Den in 2011 and since then our reputation in bespoke design, Quality control and flexibility to provide a solution has increased to a new level. This with the acquisition of intellectual property rights has secured our position in this important commercial sector.

The products we design and manufacture are built to a standard required for Amusement devices, fit for the purpose and trace-ability of raw materials to be the “Best In Class.”
This comparative trial clearly demonstrates that not all companies attempting to replicate our concepts have the same background in standards.

We also recognise that companies manufacturing photo-booths designed for the purpose do not fail to achieve quality control standards. The issue is “Will it be OK for another use”, that’s why the quotation for hire or buy will always be CHEAPER than Cyclone.