Cyclone Maze

This classic retro-based game has been revamped for the digital age

Cyclone 4 Kids

Cyclone Game Cube

The Cyclone 4 kids starts depending on your choice of severity

Cylinder 1.2

Cyclone Game Cube 1.2 Cylinder Example

Cylinder 1.2 Diameter, available with top hat, blows balls or paper.

Cash Cube

Same as the Cube floor mounted, no stage or stairs. Blows paper.

Cyclone Game Cube

Stage mounted,Stair case with hand rails for access. Cyclone blows balls As seen on Dragons Dens and Question of Sport

Handball Game

A unique gaming challenge for 1 or 2 players,the format to catch and hold as many target ball in your hand in the time period.

Cylinder 1.5

Cylinder 1.5 D.available with top hat. Ideal for up to 3 players blows balls or paper.

Snowball Challenge

Snowball Challenge Unique Ideas

1/2/3 players enter the game to deposit the target balls into the score tube and avoid the Snowballs at all cost.

The Wedding Game

Wedding Game - Wedding Ideas

Ideal to keep all your guests entertained on your big day for more information

Cyclone V Competitors

Without Prejudice: Unique Ideas UK Ltd are a design and manufacturer of Interactive gaming challenges for clients to use to promote their products and services.